Worship at Grace Episcopal Church

Grace Episcopal Church follows the traditional (formal) Episcopal liturgy.  While we follow the Book of Common Prayer, our congregants are relaxed, family-friendly, not wed to formality. We offer a contemplative, Rite II, service at 8:00 a.m.  For members who regularly attend our early service, it embodies the traditional approach they seek.  Quiet and peaceful, the service is usually without music or song. Some refer to our 10:30 a.m. service as a “broad church approach.”  While singing is the norm, this later service is more likely to vary in style and has, at times, incorporated liturgical dance, alternative music, and other creative or contemporary offerings.

Beyond our regular services, we participate and sponsor ecumenical observances with other community churches. We have provided shared Sunday school and youth group activities with the Presbyterian Church of Radford. We offer Vacation Bible School, schedule group studies, and share in Lenten worship with the Presbyterian Church of Radford, Christ Lutheran Church, and St. Jude's Catholic Church. 

 Grace Episcopal Church of Radford is part of the Diocese of Southwest Virginia

Fellowship at Grace

Our parish has a family atmosphere.  We have different personalities, occupations, ages, backgrounds, and opinions, but, principally, we have a friendship that includes everyone--members and visitors alike. Breakfast after the 8 o’clock service and coffee hour after the 10:30am service every Sunday give us time to visit, discuss upcoming events, or hold impromptu meetings.  Beyond our Sunday gathering, we provide care for one another as a parish and as individuals: we visit home-bound members, send cards for special remembrances, take food to parishioners in need.  We have work and “clean up” days, lunches, dinners, picnics, meetings of committees, and yard sales that keep us in touch throughout the year.  We have recently started a “Give” and “Receive” board where members can offer their gifts to others or request assistance from others.  There is a strong core of congregants who devote their time and energy to Grace Episcopal Church, taking care of both the building/grounds and their own needs to be active and involved.