November 2017

Altar Guild:                  Bonnie Cunningham, Liz Millar & Mary Johnston

Acolyte:                         Ryan Beasley


November 12th – 23rd Sunday after  Pentecost________________MP_Mark Carper

Lay Reader           8am & 11 am – Mark Carper 

Lector                   8 am – Paula Downs                11 am – Mark Carper

Counters              Ann Walker & Diana Jordan


November 19th – 24th Sunday after  Pentecost________________HE Michael Zumpf

Lay Reader            8 am – Michael Cluver

Chalicer                                                               11 am – Mark Carper 

Lector                   8 am – Bob Himmel                11 am – Kathleen Harshberger

Counters              Bette Wright & Hank Johnson


November 26th – Last Sunday after  Pentecost________________MP Jack Brockway_

Lay Reader           8am & 11 am – Jack Brockway 

Lector                   8 am – Paula Downs                11 am – Bonnie Cunningham

Counters              Tyler Will & Terry Nester


December 3rd – 1st Sunday of Advent________________________HE Judy Spruhan

Chalicer                 8am – Bob Himmel                 11 am – Mark Carper 

Lector                   8 am – Paula Downs                11 am – Jennifer Hand

Counters              Penny Sweet & Lee Slusher


December Altar Guild:           Sherri carper, Jennifer Hand & Beth Gaspard

If you can’t serve that day, please find a substitute and contact the office with the change.  People are often willing to switch or fill in given enough advanced notice. If you would like to serve and are not on the lists, please contact Ann Walker about how to participate. (Adults can also be Servers, Crucifers and Acolytes.)


Coffee Hour

November 2017

12    Jacobsen/Price, Laura & Dennis 230-1848   

19   Jordan, Robert & Diane        639-0809

26    Wright, Sandy         731-4668

December 2017

3     Lee, Betty                     449-9394

10   McCraw, Terry & Kristi          639-0585   

17     Nester, Robin & Terry           731-1591

24     CHRISTMAS – Group Effort

31     Sweet, Penny                        639-6161

The Coffee Hour duty schedule has been organized to assign each person/family to no more than 2 times a year. If you cannot meet your assigned time please try to trade with someone in your month and call the church office (639-3494) with the change.  If you can trade assigned times with someone else please do so. Be sure to call the church office with the change to avoid two parties providing Coffee Hour at the same time. 

Your cooperation and suggestions are welcome.  If needed, directions for providing Coffee Hour are posted on the kitchen refrigerator.