August Mission
Red Door Campus Ministry

Red Door Ministry is our Campus Ministry at Radford University. The mission for July and August will be to help with additional support beyond what is provided by the Diocesan Higher Education Committee to continue its missional work among the collegiate community at Radford.

Donations received this month will go toward covering the costs of food items not otherwise provided on regular Monday Night meetings, outreach events, gifts given during finals week, and student attendance at retreats and work weekends at ministries like Boys Home and Grace House. This funding will also support other campus groups like UKirk.

There will be a Parish Meeting at 12:00 on Sunday, September 8 to discuss the continuation of Grace Rooms and Red Door campus ministry. Please make every effort to attend.

Mountain to Mountain Partnership (M2M)—The plan is to visit in November. Does a trip to Haiti sound interesting to you? Might you be interested in getting involved in this ministry? Please contact Jon Greene if you feel called ( 540-553-5846).

Lectionary Lunch—will resume on Thursday, September 5 at 12:00.

Piano Concert—Mason will be performing a piano concert at Grace on September 6th at 6:30 to benefit Red Door Ministry. A Reception will follow the event.

Adult Forum this Fall
9:15-10:15 on Sundays

1st Sundays - WL:JG
2nd Sundays - Confirmation
3rd Sundays - Listening Group
4th Sundays - Deacon's Hour.

Preparing for Next Sunday

Jeremiah 2:4-13
Psalm 81:1, 10-16
Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16
Luke 14:1, 7-14

Next week’s Old Testament lesson presents us with a prophetic oracle taking Israel to task for its infidelity and ambivalent loyalty to Yahweh. The theme of Israel’s stubborn resistance is continued in the response of Psalm 81. The final epistolary reading from Hebrews consists of miscellaneous exhortations that spell out the obligations of responsible discipleship. The ways our attitudes about ourselves and others surface in the context of dining are seen in Jesus’ teachings from the Gospel reading from Luke.

Weekly Roles

Serving Grace Sept. 2, 2019

Lay Eucharistic Minister
Michael Cluver (8a)
Mark Carper (10:30a)

Paula Downs (8a)
Jennifer Hand (10:30a)

Ann Walker and Diana Jordan

Coffee Hour
Bette Wright

Altar Guild
Penny Sweet, Louise Johnson, Joy Hottenstein, Pat Evans

Serving Grace August 25, 2019

Lay Eucharistic Minister
Michael Cluver (8a)
Joyce Muldoon (10:30a)

Bob Himmel (8a)
Lee Slusher (10:30a)

Penny Sweet and Lee Slusher

Coffee Hour

Altar Guild
Sherri Carper, Beth Gaspard, and Jennifer Hand

Vestry Minutes
August 5, 2019

Shepherd Report

  • The mission for July and August is Red Door Campus Ministry

Treasurer's Report

  • The 2018 internal audit has been completed and approved by vestry

  • Bruce Cunningham is training Samantha on improved book keeping methods

Jr. Warden's Report

  • On August 3 Grace held a successful outdoor work day.

  • 2 new signs have been ordered for the front of the church.

  • Mark Carper is getting estimates for AC repair in the Vest building amd leaky toilets in the Bullard Room bathrooms.

  • Mark continues to work on a to-do list if small repairs around the buildings and grounds.

Rector's Report

  • Kathy is forming a committee to generate ideas for the management of garden maintenance and a child friendly "garden" to replace the playground

  • A meeting is scheduled for Sept. 8 to discuss Grace's continuing commitment to Grace Rooms and Red Door