Grace Notes - March 15, 2018

Grace Notes – March 15, 2018


Office hours are TBD.

 Interim/ Supply Priest/ Morning Prayer / Holy Eucharist Schedule:

Mar 25 – Palm Sunday: 8 am and 11 am  Morning Prayer


New Rector Starts, Kathy Dunagan:

Mar 29 – Maundy Thursday, 6 pm, 

Mar 30 – Good Friday, 

Noon to 3 pm – Quiet Reflection

6 pm Good Friday Service

Mar 31 – Easter Vigil, 6 pm

Apr 1 – Easter Sunday, 8 am & 11 am, HE


Coffee Hour/Reception for Christine rescheduled

Because of the predicted snow on Sunday, the special reception in honor of Christine which was scheduled for Sunday, March 25 has been rescheduled for Sunday April 15.  Anyone wishing to contribute to a monetary gift for her, please give your contribution to Ann Walker.  It will be presented to her on April 15.  We will also give her a pretty container filled with our written sentiments, well-wishes, and thank yous. If you would like to participate in this, please send your (brief....2-3 lines) thoughts, thanks, etc  to and they will be  rolled into tiny scrolls to be placed in the container.  Thank you for helping make our goodbye to Christine warm and generous. 



Thanks to all who are extending a warm welcome to our new rector, Kathy Dunagan.  She is all settled in the rectory and preparing to begin ministry at Grace next week.  Some of our parishioners have stopped by to introduce themselves, bring a meal or gift, or offer words of welcome and well wishes.  Thank you for this wonderful Grace hospitality!




March Monthly MIssion: Brain Injury Services of SWVA

Brain injury (including stroke) can happen in a moment, and change forever the course of life for a whole family.  Of the greater than 4,000 people in the New River Valley, more than 1,000 have survived this trauma are living with long-term or lifetime disabilities.  Your donations in the blue envelopes each Sunday help provide the most significant support families can receive –  services needed to help them rebuild their lives.  Please give generously to March’s Monthly Outreach, Brain Injury Services of SWVA.  See the display on stage in the Parish Hall for information about the organization and its services.  Is anyone you know pictured there?

Put March Monthly Mission in the memo line of your check. Thank you.

Note from Christine

Thank you for being able to work at Grace these last several years.  I have appreciated the friendships and connections here.  Being able to flex around my family’s needs has been wonderful.  Best wishes to everyone at Grace and to Kathy as she begins her service here.  See you on the 25th.


Boy’s Home Raffle

Executive Directory Donnie Wheatley’s sister, Phyllis Gibson, made and donated the quilt for this year’s raffle. This beautiful quilt is pieced using primarily blue/ Peacock fabrics and measure 78” x 95” and fits a full sized bed. The pattern is an original design. Tickets are $5 for 1 ticket and $45 for 10 tickets. We will draw a winner on May 11, 2018. All proceeds go to the equine program at Boys Home.  Send your name,  address and a check to:

Boy’s Home of Virginia

Attn: Quilt Raffle

414 Boys Home Road

Covington, VA 24426


Grace Visitations Teams

Thank you to all who volunteer in this important service:

March Team – Dennis Price & Laura Jacobsen

April Team – Greg and Fran Rooker



We are off to a very slow start this year with altar flower sign up.  This has always been a responsibility for which parishioners have readily volunteered. It is a wonderful opportunity to honor the memory of someone or to give thanksgiving for someone or something in your life.  Won't you help us provide flowers for the altar this year? 

There are a number of Sundays open. The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall or you can call the office to see if certain Sundays are open and sign up via the phone.  Please help us by signing up for a Sunday or two. 

Altar Flowers from Northside Flowers:

          One Sunday - $25

          Two Sundays - $40 (Sign up for two consecutive slots.The flowers from the 1st Sunday are picked up by Northside, refreshed, and returned for the 2nd Sunday)

Contact Northside Flowers (540-639-9351) to order flowers and contact the office to place the dedication in the bulletin. 

Flowers 2018

Mar 25 – Palm Sunday

Apr 1 – Easter/Easter Flowers

Apr 8 – M Hrezo

Apr 15 – M Hrezo

Apr 22 – Harshberger

Apr 29 – Harshberger

May 6 – Asbury

May 13 - Asbury

May 20 – L. Jones

May 27 -  L. Jones



Weekly Roles

Thank you to all who participate in the weekly roles on Sunday. Weekly Roles are on the bulletin board and in Grace Notes.   

March/April 2018

Coffee Hour        

Mar 25 – Bob & Sarah Himmel                            

Apr 1          - Easter – Joint Effort                         Apr 8 – Joy Hottenstein


March Altar Guild:      Bonnie Cunningham, Liz Millar, Mary Johnston

Acolyte:                         Ryan Beasley


March 25th  – Palm Sunday _______(8am) MP-M Cluver/ (11am) MP Tim Walker

Lay Reader          8 am – Michael Cluver

Lector                   8 am – Bob Himmel                11 am – Bonnie Cunningham

Counters              Penny Sweet & Lee Slusher


March 29th – Maundy Thursday____________________________HE-Kathy Dunagan

Chalicer               6 pm – Jack Brockway

Lector                   6 pm – Kathleen Harshberger             

March 30th – Good Friday________________________________HE- Kathy Dunagan

Chalicer               6 pm – Mark Carper

Lector                   6 pm – Mark Carper


March 31st – Easter Vigil________________________________HE- Kathy Dunagan

Chalicer               6 pm – Jack Brockway

Lector                   6 pm – Margaret Hrezo

Lector                   6 pm – Lee Slusher


April 1st  – Easter Sunday ______________________________HE- Kathy Dunagan

Chalicer               8am –Michael Cluver   11 am – Jack Brockway

Lector                   8 am –Paula Downs     11 am – Dick Harshberger

Counters              Ann Walker & Diana Jordan

Please let the office know or sign up in the Parish Hall if you can serve at any of the above times in the service roles.

April Altar Guild:         Phyllis Semple, Sherri Carper, Jennifer Hand & Beth Gaspard

If you can’t serve that day, please find a substitute and contact the office with the change.  People are often willing to switch or fill in given enough advanced notice. If you would like to serve and are not on the lists, please contact Ann Walker about how to participate. (Adults can also be Servers, Crucifers and Acolytes.)


2018 Coffee Hour

April 2018

1       EASTER- Joint Effort 

8       Hottenstein, Joy          

15     Jacobsen/Price, Laura & Dennis 

22     Johnson, Louise & Henry 

29     Jordan, Diane & Joyce Muldoon

The Coffee Hour duty schedule has been organized to assign each person/family to no more than 2 times a year. If you cannot meet your assigned time please try to trade with someone in your month and call the church office (639-3494) with the change.  If you can trade assigned times with someone else please do so. Be sure to call the church office with the change to avoid two parties providing Coffee Hour at the same time.

Your cooperation and suggestions are welcome.  If needed, directions for providing Coffee Hour are posted on the kitchen refrigerator.



Donate to The Bishop’s Dollar Fund

The season of Lent offers each one of us an annual invitation to reflect on our blessings as members of the body of Christ. The movement to share out of our gratitude is one of the fruits of faithful reflection. Bishop Mark Bourlakas encourages generous support of The Bishop’s Dollar  fund to continue to address a variety of needs throughout the diocese not otherwise covered through our annual budget. You can mail donations to the Diocesan Office (O Box 2279, Roanoke, VA 24009) or donate online at  


Presiding Bishop announces
The Episcopal Church 2018 Annual Appeal

[March 1, 2018] Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry has announced the launch of The Episcopal 2018 Annual Appeal and calls upon Episcopalians throughout the church to participate.

“I write to share some of the ways we, together as the Episcopal Church, witness to the loving, liberating, and life-giving way of Jesus Christ, and to ask for your financial support through this first Annual Appeal,” he writes. “Your gift or pledge to the Annual Appeal will directly impact our life and witness as the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement.”

“When we work together, we can better proclaim the gospel in communities across the church, support our chaplains in federal ministries, and advocate in Washington DC for justice and peace,” House of Deputies President Gay Clark Jennings said. “I invite all Episcopalians to join me in supporting this annual appeal that will make more ministry possible across the Episcopal Church.”

The Episcopal Church 2018 Annual Appeal marks the first churchwide appeal in the Episcopal Church. The goal is to assist the costs of churchwide ministries. In his letter, the Presiding Bishop cites some of the ministries providing vital services to the churchwide membership, such as Evangelism and Reconciliation, and the Office of Armed Forces and Federal Ministries. Ministries are detailed here.

“There is no doubt that each of us must continue to give generously to our local parishes, dioceses and the ministry commitments close to our hearts,”  the Presiding Bishop writes. “These are all critical expressions of The Jesus Movement. Today I am asking that you also give or increase your support for ministries that serve the whole church.”

To Donate
Donations to The Episcopal Church 2018 Annual Appeal can be made by going  here, calling 212.716.6002, or text APPEAL to 51555.

For more information, contact Tara Elgin Holley, Episcopal Church Director of Development,

The following is the Presiding Bishop’s letter:

Dear Friends,

Today, I write to share some of the ways we, together as The Episcopal Church, witness to the loving, liberating, and life-giving way of Jesus Christ, and to ask for your financial support through this first Annual Appeal.

Most of the Church’s ministry is done by dioceses and local congregations and ministries, and your support of these is vitally important to the work of Jesus in the world. But there are some ministries that only can be accomplished by the entire Church working together. Here are a few examples:

     Our Office of Government Relations seeks to represent the moral voice of our Church in Washington, D.C., before the councils of government. The office hosts a morning prayer service for legislators and their aides and staff, bringing Episcopalians together across the aisle to rest, pray, and listen for God’s guidance in their lives and the work they do.

     Our Armed Forces and Federal Ministries support chaplains serving in the military, VA hospitals, and federal prisons. Most of this work is with people ages 18-30. Our presence brings spiritual healing and comfort to people who need to know God’s love in a troubled world.

     Our Evangelism Ministries have helped Episcopalians to rethink and reclaim the sharing of the Good News. Our Episcopal Revivals campaign has trained more than 1,000 diocesan leaders to practice evangelism (in English and Spanish), welcomed more than 5,000 people to discover new and renewed life with Jesus, and gathered 200,000 participants on Facebook. This spring, we will host the second Evangelism Matters conference and launch the Beloved Community Story-Sharing Campaign, a churchwide effort to share and welcome stories of faith, race, and difference.

This Annual Appeal is intended to support ministries that can only happen when we work together as a whole Church. Why do I make this appeal now? The dioceses of our Church are generous in their giving to support churchwide ministry, and income from endowments is steady; however, the work before us requires more.

Please prayerfully read the stories in this booklet about these ministries. I hope they inspire and energize you as they do me. We will continue to share these narratives with you throughout the year.

Then I hope you will join me, House of Deputies’ President Gay Jennings and the Executive Council, along with the staff of The Episcopal Church as we launch this annual campaign to support the whole Church’s work. Your gift or pledge to the Annual Appeal will directly impact our life and witness as the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement.

Yours in Christ,

The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry
Presiding Bishop and Primate
The Episcopal Church


If you know of other events that might be of interest to other parishioners please let the office ( know the details and they can appear right here.

Mondays/Fridays – AA meets at 8 pm

Mondays – Bridge – 1 pm

Wednesdays – Tai Chi – 7 to 8:30 pm


Pulaski High School Presents: You Can’t Take It With You

The light-hearted Pulitzer Prize winning play! A crazy family, a normal daughter, the rich young heir she loves. What could go wrong? Watch the fireworks explode.

April 12-15 at Pulaski High School’s Little Theater


April 28 - Highlander Half Marathon/ 5K - Volunteers

My name is Jedaiah Abad and I am a Marketing Intern with Radford University Athletics. I am working with the Marketing department to get the word out about the upcoming race. The Highlander Half Marathon and 5K will take place on Saturday, April 28, 2018. We are very excited for this event that will start in Dedmond Center and end in Bisset Park. The race course, start/finish line will be staffed by students athletes, athletics staff, and community volunteers. Additionally, the finish line will end in celebration with the Rolling on the River food truck rodeo hosted by the Radford Chamber of Commerce! We are VERY excited for this day and are looking for volunteers. 

Volunteers will receive a free race t-shirt and 2 tickets to a '18-'19 Radford University Basketball game!

If you are interested in volunteering, or have any other questions regarding the event/volunteering... please contact at me

I have also attached the link to the race website, for more information. 

Thank you so much!


Jedaiah Abad

Radford University c/o 2018

College of Business and Economics 

Marketing Major  | RU Athletics Marketing Intern



Pulaski High School Presents: Mary Poppins

Your favorite Magical Nanny will take you on adventures through London.

April 27 to 29 and May 4 to 6.

 If you have any other events you would like listed here in this section please send them to