Grace Notes - January/February 2018 Newsletter

Grace Notes January/February 2018 Newsletter

Volume 5, Number 1 & 2, February 1, 2018


Grace Notes – February 1, 2018


Office hours are Monday to Wednesday 12 to 3:00, Thursday 9:30 to 12:30.




Meet Our New Rector

Grace Vestry and Search Committee are excited to share the news that Rev. Kathy Dunagan has accepted the call to become the new rector at Grace.  She hopes to be here in a few months and will live in the rectory.  A confirmed start date will be decided soon so we will keep you posted.  In the meantime, here is a little more about Kathy.

The Rev. Kathy Dunagan, DMin, LPC

Kathy is currently serving as Interim Rector of the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Danville. Prior to this she served as Interim Rector of St. Thomas, Abingdon and Canon Missioner for the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia. She is a priest in the Episcopal Church and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. She is licensed as a Professional Counselor in Virginia, and is a Fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Kathy has practiced as a psychotherapist for 25 years. She attended Emory and Henry College, and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in music as a vocalist. Kathy is married to Joe Dunagan who is also a priest and the Rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Bristol. They enjoy long walks with their cocker spaniel, Prancer. Kathy plays mandolin and guitar and is developing a “Bluegrass Mass.” Kathy is looking forward to leading Grace Church in renewal and growth.

Senior Warden’s Address: State of Grace 2017

2017 was a year of growth at Grace Church.  It is true that our attendance was down during this time of transition.  The growth I am speaking of is not about the number of parishioners sitting in the pews.  It is about the growth in commitment, determination, and faith of those parishioners in the pews........and those others who are finding their way back to Grace.  It is about the deepening of our understanding of who Grace Church is, to each of us personally and to our community.  And it is about the greater sense of unity that sometimes comes through struggle.   In these very important ways, Grace Church has grown. 

Like most personal growth, it didn’t come easily and was at times painful.  It demanded that we become proactive in facing challenges, listen to and respect each other’s feelings, accept what we couldn’t change, and continue to believe that there are very good things ahead for Grace.  It demanded that we step up to do the work, continue our ministry, and build our future.  It demanded that we help each other continue to have faith in our God, our church, and each other.

Like a true family, we had our ups and downs and our different ways of dealing with the challenges and emotions.  But also like a true family, we helped each other.  When some were discouraged, others found ways to share hope.  When there were responsibilities to meet and tasks to be done, there was always at least one person to help.  People found ways to give of their time and talents even when it wasn’t an easy thing to do, when they felt conflicted.  The many offerings of time, presence, and prayers for Grace have encouraged and strengthened us. 

So what will our new rector find upon their arrival at Grace?  They will find a parish that is small in number but large in spirit, who seeks to grow in grace and mission, and whose commitment to their God and their church sustains them through the difficult times. I am very proud to be a part of this Grace family.  Our efforts to stand tall in the face of many challenges honors those who came before us, gives hope to us now, and ensures the future for those who will follow us. 


Ann Walker

Senior Warden

The resolution to sell Canterbury House property at 606 Tyler Avenue was presented at Convention last weekend; the resolution passed, therefore the property will be sold.  Much collaboration between Grace Church and DioSWVA has occurred to ensure that the Canterbury ministry continue to have an agreed upon house for the next 12 years with DioSWVA paying the rent (which includes utilities) and RU providing all maintenance of house and property.

We are very grateful to the Convention delegates from Grace, Jack Brockway and Allison Willey, for being present and representing us so well. Below is the speech that Allison Willey gave regarding the feelings of our parish.  Please thank both of our delegates for giving Grace a voice at Convention.    

~ Ann Walker

Notes from Convention:  Canterbury House Resolution

I would like to add before the speech that I wrote this in the early hours of Saturday morning to attempt to convey a respectful balance between both sides of the argument to sell or not to sell.  Yes, there are a lot of run-on sentences and some fairly poor grammar, but I wrote it in the way that would make sense as a colloquial speech, more than as a formal letter to be seen.

 Speech to All Present at the 2018 Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia

Regarding the Resolution to Sell the Radford Canterbury House at 606 Tyler Ave

          Fire is such an incredible gift from God.  It warms our bodies, and cooks our food.  But if you get to far away, you lose that warmth.  If you get too close, you get burned.

          The original meaning of the phrase “trial by fire” actually comes from Medieval times, when a person’s guilt at a trial was determined by having them walk through fire or coals.  Today, a trial by fire is a test of one’s abilities to perform well under pressure (from Wikipedia).  2017 was a heck of a trial by fire for me, both personally and spiritually.  On a personal level, I pulled our daughter out of school in October to homeschool her so we could address some difficulties she was having.  And if you have ever taught an hour of Sunday school to a group of kids, and thought “Man, am I glad I get to send them home each week,” well, then you know I am either brave or crazy for attempting homeschooling.  The jury is still out as to which one I am…  (And my daughter is a saint, by the way.)

          Spiritually, I watched the strength and resolve of my parish be tested multiple times.  Our organist retired.  We have had deaths of cherished members.  Our search for a new rector was placed on hold for about half the year, which strained our resources as some of the members got tired of waiting and began to drift away.  In the middle of the fall semester our Canterbury director took a new job elsewhere, and I and a couple of others stepped in, as volunteers, completely out of our depth, to handle a multitude of issues.

          And somewhere at the beginning of 2017, I was asked to be a delegate for Grace for Convocation and Convention.  What does that involve, I asked.  Oh, there’s only a few meetings a year, they said.  It’ll be fun, and you’ll get to meet new people from around the diocese, they said.  And – here’s the kicker – at Convention, the budget gets passed and the other business stuff is usually dull and uneventful.

          And yet here I stand, as a first time delegate, feeling like my hand is back in the fire yet again, trying to convey what my parish had to say last week at the annual parish meeting on one of the most testy, trying, and long-running topics within this diocese.  With that, I would like to respectfully modify what Dr. Brockway said yesterday about Grace’s approval of this resolution.

          On the one hand, there are many positives about this resolution.  It is being brought before the entire diocese instead of being decided on by just the Executive Board, which we really appreciate.  The diocese is going to pay the rent for us.  Grace no longer has to deal with or pay for the upkeep or repairs to the House; this includes yard maintenance.  For that matter, the diocese won’t have to deal with those things either, like the broken pipe and water damaged basement that Mark Furlow and I spent most of two Sundays ago dealing with.  There will be a possibility of 12 years at either the current house, or the house at 903 Tyler Ave, which I and the senior warden and a Canterbury student and several others have all seen; we can attest that it appeared to be in better shape with central air and larger rooms, a much newer kitchen, and it’s even closer to the grocery store.  The diocese has even gone so far as to secure a signed letter from RU President Brian Hemphill, acknowledging ahead of the signing of the lease the intent of the RU Foundation to have a 12+ year agreement with the diocese for a Canterbury House.  And finally, at the parish meeting, I asked the Canterbury student who was present if he had anything he wanted to say, for or against the sale, and that he had a right to be heard.  He remarked that he thought this resolution could be a chance at a new beginning and a chance to reshape the ministry to be even stronger.

          On the other hand, however, there was a very real concern that I could hear at Grace’s annual parish meeting through various questions that were asked of whether or not Grace’s interests are being protected.  I could see people wondering “Are we missing something here?”  I truly think that Grace wants to support this resolution, and yet the time and money that Grace invested in repairs at Canterbury before the diocese was assisting us has not been forgotten.  The decision of the 2012 Executive Board to hand over the deed for Canterbury House to Grace has not been forgotten.  The 2016 or 2017 (I can’t remember the year) promise to table all discussion of a possible sale until Grace has a rector well in place to help us navigate the sale has not been forgotten.  And in the info packet given to new delegates, it states that “resolutions typically have binding effect only until the next Convention.  Even in those cases where a resolution contains language giving it continuing effect, the resolution cannot bind a future Convention.”

          Please understand that that my bringing up those past resolutions and rules is not intended to pick a fight, nor am I trying to undermine or speak against this resolution.  I am bringing these things up because I believe that all of us in this room at this Christian Convention are held responsible by a higher power for our actions and decisions.  We are held by God to represent the whole truth of the feelings, positive and negative, of what our parishes wish for us to convey, regardless of our own personal feelings.

          So, in closing, I wish to leave you with these thoughts.  In the Book of Exodus, chapters 3-4, God appeared to Moses as a burning bush that miraculously did not harm the bush, and just as miraculously, showed Moses the truth that would set his people free.  In Deuteronomy 4:9, it says “Only give heed to yourself and keep your soul diligently, so that you do not forget the things which your eyes have seen and they do not depart from your heart all the days of your lives, but make them known to sons and grandsons.”  I believe that the people of Grace have “accepted” the eventual sale of the Canterbury House at 606 Tyler Ave.  And I believe that we are cautiously optimistic that this resolution has the potential to grant the diocesan wish to sell the property while still preserving a ministry that is extremely important to Grace and the Radford University students.  But with the passing of this resolution, we the delegates of Grace, and indeed, I believe quite a number of other delegates of other parishes here today, need to knowthat the efforts put into this resolution will not eventually be forgotten like so many ashes on the wind, and that the resolution will indeed be the “burning bush” of truth for the future of our ministry that we want, hope, and need for it to be.

          Thank you,

          E. Allison Willey

Delegate for Grace Church Radford (27 January 2018)


Grace Notes Newsletter

 Interim/ Supply Priest/ Morning Prayer Schedule:

Feb 4 – HE Judy Spruhan

Feb 11 – MP

Feb 13 – Pancake Supper

Feb 14 – Ash Wednesday, 

12 Noon @ Presbyterian Church of Radford, 

6 pm @ Grace Episcopal Church

Feb 18 – HE – Michael Zumpf

Feb 25 - MP



February Monthly MIssion: Episcopal Relief and Development

Episcopal Relief & Development works closely with church partners after disasters, equipping them to meet needs of those most vulnerable in their communities. Currently, our staff is responding to areas devastated by multiple Hurricanes, and watching developing tropical storms. Because of our strong diocesan partnerships, Episcopal Relief & Development is ready to assist in the recovery of the impacted areas for as long as necessary. You can help provide critical relief to affected communities by donating to our Hurricane Relief Fund. The monthly mission will contribute to this and other causes supported by ERD.  Please visit

Thank you

Put February Monthly Mission in the memo line of your check. Thank you.

Grace Visitation Teams

Thank you to all who volunteer in this important service:

February Team – Greg & Fran Rooker

March Team – Dennis Price & Laura Jacobsen



Pancake Supper Volunteers Needed

Hello Grace Family!!!
It is almost that time of year again!!! The annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper will occur on February 13th, which is only two weeks away (12 days).

We need lots of volunteers to do many different things. Folks to help cook the sausage prior to that day, folks to help decorate and setup the dining area, roll silverware and set the tables and make everything picture perfect.

Please consider staying after service this Sunday to help with some of these tasks. 
And if there is a day that works better for helping with this please let Terry or another member know. We will be happy to try to accommodate everyone who wants to volunteer their time.

There is also a huge need for volunteers the actual night of the Supper, people to serve food, help with cooking, keeping the tables stocked, accepting donations and of course the biggie, washing all the dishes afterwards!!

Also Terry will have a piece of paper on the podium Sunday to sign up to volunteer for particular chores/duties.

And please share the announcement (from the Grace FB page) on your facebook pages and to the community so that we can have a spectacular turnout!!! If anyone needs copies to take to different businesses please let me know and I will be glad to print out some!!!

Beth Gaspard MS, NRP 


Ash Wednesday, February 14th

12 Noon:

Presbyterian Church of Radford

201 Fourth Street, Radford 

6 PM:

Grace Episcopal Church

210 Fourth Street, Radford



We are off to a very slow start this year with altar flower sign up.  This has always been a responsibility for which parishioners have readily volunteered. It is a wonderful opportunity to honor the memory of someone or to give thanksgiving for someone or something in your life.  Won't you help us provide flowers for the altar this year? 

There are a number of Sundays open. The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall or you can call the office to see if certain Sundays are open and sign up via the phone.  Please help us by signing up for a Sunday or two. 

Altar Flowers from Northside Flowers:

          One Sunday - $25

          Two Sundays - $40 (Sign up for two consecutive slots.The flowers from the 1st Sunday are picked up by Northside, refreshed, and returned for the 2nd Sunday)

Contact Northside Flowers (540-639-9351) to order flowers and contact the office to place the dedication in the bulletin. 

          One Sunday - $25

          Two Sundays - $40 (The flowers from the 1st Sunday are picked up by Northside, refreshed, and returned for the 2nd Sunday)

Contact Northside Flowers (540-639-9351) to order flowers and contact the office to place the dedication in the bulletin. 

Weekly Roles

Thank you to all who participate in the weekly roles on Sunday. Weekly Roles are on the bulletin board and in Grace Notes.   

February 2018

Coffee Hour        

Feb 4 – Carol & Bob Asbury                      Feb 11- Jack & Traci Brockway

Feb 18 – Dennis & Margaret Galecki           Feb 25 – Beth Gaspard

Mar 4 – John & Dana Giesen                      Mar 11 - Patrick & Jennifer Hand


February Altar Guild:           Anthea Pugh, Lee Slusher, Diana Jordan

Acolyte:                                Ryan Beasley


February 4th – 5th Sunday of  Epiphany________________________HE- Judy Spruhan

Chalicer               8am – Michael Cluver              11 am – Mark Carper 

Lector                   8 am – Paula Downs                11 am – Jennifer Hand

Counters              Ann Walker & Diana Jordan


 February 11th – Last Sunday of Epiphany_______________MP- TBD

Lay Reader                   8am & 11 am – TBD

Lector                   8 am – Bob Himmel                11 am – Dick Harshberger

Counters              Betty Wright & Hank Johnson  


February 14th – Ash Wednesday__________________________________Jack Brockway

Lay Reader                   6 pm – Jack Brockway


February 18th  – 1st Sunday in Lent___________(8am) MP/ (11am) HE – Michael Zumpf

Chalicer               8am – Michael Cluver              11 am – Jack Brockway 

Lector                   8 am – Paula Downs                11 am – Kathleen Harshberger

Counters              Tyler Will & Terry Nester


 February 25th   – 2nd Sunday in Lent_____________________MP - TBD

Lay Reader                   8am & 11 am – TBD

Lector                   8 am – Bob Himmel                11 am – Kristi McCraw

Counters              Penny Sweet & Lee Slusher  


March 4th – 3rd Sunday in Lent_______________________________HE- Judy Spruhan

Chalicer               8am – Michael Cluver              11 am – Joyce Muldoon 

Lector                   8 am – Paula Downs                11 am – Mark Carper

Counters              Ann Walker & Diana Jordan


March Altar Guild:      Bonnie Cunningham, Liz Millar, Mary Johnston

If you can’t serve that day, please find a substitute and contact the office with the change.  People are often willing to switch or fill in given enough advanced notice. If you would like to serve and are not on the lists, please contact Ann Walker about how to participate. (Adults can also be Servers, Crucifers and Acolytes.)


2018 Coffee Hour

March 2018

4       Giesen, John & Dana 

11     Hand, Patrick & Jennifer                    

18     Harshberger, Dick/Kathleen

25     Himmel, Bob & Sarah 

The Coffee Hour duty schedule has been organized to assign each person/family to no more than 2 times a year. If you cannot meet your assigned time please try to trade with someone in your month and call the church office (639-3494) with the change.  If you can trade assigned times with someone else please do so. Be sure to call the church office with the change to avoid two parties providing Coffee Hour at the same time.

Your cooperation and suggestions are welcome.  If needed, directions for providing Coffee Hour are posted on the kitchen refrigerator.





 Join the Journey: Webinar explores ways to participate in The Good Book Club

Reading the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles

[January 25, 2018] Join the Journey, a January 31 free webinar, will explore the many ways to participate and become enriched through The Good Book Club.

The Good Book Club is a churchwide program that invites the reading of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles during the liturgical seasons of Lent and Easter.  Led by Forward Movement, the Good Book Club readings begin the Sunday prior to Ash Wednesday (February 11), and finish on Pentecost (May 20).

During this webinar, the Rev. Jay Sidebotham and Forward Movement Deputy Director Richelle Thompson will help participants to prepare for the journey, providing context and background for Luke and Acts and sharing information about how to access and use dozens of resources created to encourage engagement with The Good Book Club. 

The 30-minute webinar will be conducted on Wednesday, January 31 beginning at 3:30 pm Eastern/2:30 pm Central/1:30 pm Mountain/12:30 pm Pacific/11:30 am Alaska/10:30 am Hawaii. Registration is available here. Preregistration is suggested.

In addition to the webinar, a wide range of resources, from prayers to videos to study guides, are now available from the more than 25 partners here.  A comprehensive toolkit link is here. 

The Good Book Club, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has said, provides an opportunity to “read, mark, learn and inwardly digest the Holy Scriptures.”  He noted that “The Gospel of Luke tells the story of Jesus” while “the Acts of the Apostles tells the story of those who followed in the footsteps of Jesus.”

More resources will be added, so check the resource page regularly for personal development, group discussion and program planning.  Stay up-to-date by following The Good Book Club on Facebook here.


If you know of other events that might be of interest to other parishioners please let the office ( know the details and they can appear right here.

Mondays/Fridays – AA meets at 8 pm

Mondays – Bridge – 1 pm

Wednesdays – Tai Chi – 7 to 8:30 pm


Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,

Pulaski County High School

Fri, Feb 2 at 7 pm

Sat, Feb 3 at 2 pm and 7 pm

Sun, Feb 4 at 2 pm

Fri, Feb 16 at 7 pm

Sat, Feb 17 at 7 pm

Sun, Feb 18 at 2 pm and 7 pm

Little Theater of Pulaski County High School

$5 per person


 Sat, Feb 17th Project Linus Blanket Day

Our next NRV Project Linus Blanket Day is scheduled for Saturday, February 17, 2018 at Grove United Methodist Church in Radford from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  If you plan to drop off completed blankets that day, please be sure each one is labeled with your name and address (address labels are best for this).

If you’d like to stay and work on a blanket or two, a few sewing machines will be available.  We will have some yarn, fabric and limited batting available.  Donations are always welcome!  We also will need people to help sew labels onto donated blankets.

We are planning to have soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Penny will provide the sandwiches, paper products, and drinks.  If you would like to help with lunch, please call or email Penny to let her know.  We could use the following:


5-6 soup volunteers – a pot or crockpot of soup

4-5 dessert volunteers – a tray of cookies    


I hope to see you on February 17th!


Penny Sweet  (

Facebook:  NRV Project Linus


Color Me Cameron, April 7, 2018, 9:30 am

Hosted by the Cameron Fitzwalter Memorial Scholarship Foundation 

The “Color Me Cameron” is a Celebration of Life with a whirlwind of color that will blow you away!  It is not about how fast you can go, but how much fun you will have along the way.  

The money needed to purchase supplies for the “Color Me Cameron” is raised each year prior to the event allowing all participant fees to go directly to the scholarships.

Early Registration ends March 10th:  $25

arch 11th – Day of the Event:  $30    

Kids 10 and under - Free (accompanied by a paid adult)

The first 500 adults who register online will receive a “Color Me Cameron” T-Shirt. Additional t-shirts can be purchased if registered before March 10th.

The event starts at Jackson Park in Pulaski at 9:30 am on Saturday, April 7, 2018

For more information go to:

If you have any other events you would like listed here in this section please send them to

February: Valentine’s Day & Ash Wednesday



1.    Who was the first person in the Bible to get drunk? Noah

2.   How often did Jesus say you should forgive someone? Seventy times seven (490 times)

3.   How did Joshua win the battle for the city of Ai? He ambushed the enemy.

4.   Why was Zacchaeus unpopular? Because he was a tax collector.

5.   How did Samson kill 3,000 Philistines and himself at the same time?  By bringing the roof down.

6.   What did Hannah make for her son Samuel when she visited him each year? A new robe.

7.   How many pillars of wisdom are there according to the Book of Proverbs? Seven

8.   Who were people talking about when asking, “Isn’t this the carpenter’s son”? Jesus

9.   Who pretended his wife was his sister? Abram

10.How many creatures were around God’s throne in the Book of Revelation? Four



1 – Matt Sutphin

4 – Dr. JohnTamminen

9 – Jack Brockway

9 – Tom Lillard

11 – Moriah Coury Carper

17 – Ivy Schafer

18 – Stephen Johnson

18 – Curt Middleton

19 – Dante Piro

21 – Bruce Cunningham

21 – Joshua Tamminen

23 – Sandy Wright

24 – Dr. Chris Colby

25 – Emma Brockway

25 – Dana Giesen

25 – Dennis Price

26 – Lewis N. Davis

27 – Amanda Lagos




19 – James (Jim) & Lee Slusher


Please feel free to contact the office to add, correct or otherwise improve the birthday/anniversary list


Lenten Soup Recipe: Fish Chowder

From “40 Days of Soup”

With Lenten Reflections

Lenten Reflection: Day 6

From “Simplifying the Soul”: Today, spend a little time thining about a particularly unappealing cleaning job you have been putting off.  If it’s too big to accomplish in an hour or so, leave it aside till after Lent. Instead, choose a task small enough to invalidate any claims that you don’t have time to do it.


2 medium sliced onions

2 tablespoons butter & margarine

1 ½ pounds fish, filleted

5 medium potatoes, pared

4 teaspoons salt

½ teaspoon pepper

3 cups boiling water

1 quart half and half

½ teaspoon of thyme

½ teaspoon of oregano



Brown onions in butter and margarine. Cut fish into bite-size pieces. In pot, cook onion, fish, potatoes, salt, pepper, and water. Simmer for 25minutes.


Add half and half, thyme and oregano, and heat through.

This simple family recipe has been dubbed “fish chowder for those who say they don’t like fish chowder.”

~Mary Smith

To see this recipe or to look for more go to:

Chris’s Corner: Lent Madness 2018

Lent starts the 14th of February which means it is time for Lent Madness.  “Believe it or not, Lent Madness is an offering of Forward Movement, widely known at the publisher of Forward Day by Day, and other resources to support spiritual growth and vitality.” ( ). 

The brackets this year are organized by themes. Biblical is in one quadrant, Monastics and Mystics in the second, Mostly Modern in the third and the last is Miscellaneous. As usual anyone is allowed to vote, even children, but one can only vote once a day.  Each day of Lent, except weekends, except for the first Saturday,  a pair from the brackets will be displayed on with bloggers teaching who the candidates are and why you should vote for them. The winner, who then moves to the next bracket, is announced the following day.  By the end of Lent it is down to two contenders and only one can win the Golden Halo.  Will it be Esther, Genesius, Seraphim of Sarov, Wulstan or someone else?  Never heard of these – check out lent madness and learn more.  Previous winners include Florence Nightingale, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Julian of Norwich.   Follow Lent Madness on Facebook or online.



1.    Noah

2.   Seventy times seven (490 times)

3.   He ambushed the enemy.

4.   Because he was a tax collector.

5.   By bringing the roof down.

6.   A new robe.

7.   Seven

8.   Jesus

9.   Abram